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I'm returning to Discord.

I am returning to my original Realmy#9606 Discord account. Why? Because I built what you could call a friendship-network on it. I have so much history on that account. Even long before all the drama. I joined the site all the way back in 2018, and I'm not willing to throw that all away. So I'm returning. I am making some changes, however. I'll be immediately blocking people who have had/are having drama with me, have annoyed the shit out of me or people who simply want to argue with me. Try to reach out to me? No reply, instant block. People who have been nice to me will stay my friend. I'll try not to talk about drama all too much, you shouldn't too. I'll also leave servers that I don't care about anymore or that contains people that have had/has drama with me.

Don't be a dick, care about people, have a nice day, peace!