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Once upon someday, I was born in a hospital. I grew up and my mom heavily assited by that. Ever since I was born, I loved all the things I like to do.

Okay, I'll stop, haha. So, my internet alias is Realmy, but my real (front name) is Rijk. I joined Discord in 2018 and in 2019 I made the alias Realmy. Funny story, I was playing in a Minecraft Realm when I made this name. But apparently, fully coincidentally "Realm" translates to "Rijk" from English to Dutch (I didn't realise this when I made the name). I always loved making new community-based projects, like websites, but I never actually made one for/themed around myself. So, in march of 2020 I decided to make one on Neocities (credit to EthanF44 which showed me the site, website link in the More page). And now, here we are! I truly hope you'll like this site! (Hopefully) More content will come soon!