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Hey, I'm Realmy!

I make stuff, I do stuff, I watch stuff. All that stuff (And maybe even more)!

Welcome to the legacy site! I'll be updating the new one to make it better over time!

Hello, again!


After a period of not updating this site, I decided to pick it back up (atleast, for the time I have ideas)! A lot of stuff has changed since I last updated. That Pokeheart server page that was in the More section, yeah, that server doesn't exist anymore for as far as I know. So I deleted it, like a few other things. Basically, EthanF44 & AlexanderJT (websites in the More section) kinda hate me now. But I'll keep their sites in the More section because they're pretty good websites. As of writing this, I deleted a bunch of stuff off of this website. I will be adding more (I hope).

I have no idea what else to put here, so uhh... Have fun!